Team Coaching on the Job.

More efficient, happier teams. Measurable and sustainable. Your road to independent transformation. With ease.

Process-oriented team empowerment...

8 weeks’ practical training, 4 weeks’ supervision: our team coaching introduces effective habits step-by-step along with a meeting and team culture based on a positive mindset. Our personal, trained coaches implement a minimally invasive, ongoing change process - the motor that drives agile organisations. an innovative,
remote setting.

  • integrated in regular meetings (on the job)
  • intuitive and interactive learning board
  • minimal time investment (2.5 hours/week)
  • ongoing success tracking
  • minimal costs with maximum result
  • freely scalable across all areas

Transforming with ease.


Reach a whole new level of teamwork in just 12 weeks. Master complex tasks in a flexible, creative and productive way as part of a self-organised and independent team - with ease: We support you on the road to independent transformation remotely and on the job as part of short sessions.

  • immediately implementable in everyday situations
  • for effective and more rewarding meetings
  • for clear, productive teamwork
  • for better team spirit
  • for greater self-efficacy
  • for improved wellbeing individually/within the team


Your clear path from command & control to sense & respond, from directive to enabler, to guide, advisor and coach. For greater management efficiency and significant relief:

  • Decisions are made more quickly and reliably
  • Meetings release positive energy
  • Targets are reached more quickly and easily
  • Employees are clearly seen to develop
  • Managers as pioneers of innovation and agility
  • Division of responsibility among all employees


Cultural transformation made easy: virtual, innovative and personal. Short sessions using the digital, real-time learning board and integrated in regular team meetings. For maximum efficiency with minimum resources. Extremely easy scalable. Great meetings. Great Mondays. Great culture.

  • more flexibility and innovation
  • highly motivated employees
  • high employer appeal
  • return on investment within a short timeframe
  • comprehensive and affordable scalability
  • more genuine thanks to ongoing success tracking

Over a period of 12 weeks, we accompany each team 2.5 hours a week through remote coaching. The coaching takes place within the regular meeting time with the help of an integrated learning board. The team measures its own development through weekly self-assessments.

12 weeks of practice in daily work

Our coaches convey specific techniques for a clear orientation, empowement, effectiveness in the team, trust of the members, feedback and a stronger sense of meaning. During the trip, what you have learned will be consolidated and remaining questions answered. Our coaches gradually hand over their tasks to the team.

3 retrospectives

Growing requires looking back: The retrospectives serve to reflect on what has been learned and offer space for interpersonal topics and strengthening of team cohesion.

Keep on rolling...

Upon graduation, the team assumes responsibility for day-to-day practice and further development, and is thus prepared for constant change.

Measurably better.
What we achieve in 12 weeks.﹡



increase in efficiency



increase in self responsibility



increase in feedback skills

﹡Result of a top-level management team self-assessment in May 2020

„I would recommend remotly to any company that wants to work more agile; that wants more empowerment for its employees and seeks to successfully develop their company through cross-functional work processes.“

Harm von Tongeren,
Vice President Unilever Food Solutions

„Wherever people meet, culture is formed. That is why we build on meetings as the main lever for effective and lasting cultural change.“

Dr Jörn Apel,
Founder and CEO of remotly

„Whether 10 or 1,000 teams - remotly scales itself accordingly. We have fully digitalised our business processes and use best-in-class platforms.“

Nicolas Ermrich,
Founder and COO of remotly

„Agile, scalable and sustainable team development at its best. New work in action. For me as a remotly coach, it's a deeply satisfying job.“

Sandra Meyer,
remotly Coach

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